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Tomorrow Inspiration Pte Ltd formerly known as Tomorrow Inspiration Building Supplies has more than 10 years of combined expertise and knowledge as an architectural ironmongery supplier.


Dormakaba has a rich heritage in access solutions with products renowned for quality and innovation. Our next- generation electronic door lock products include electronic door locks for glass doors, auxiliary surface- mounting locks, European standard motor locks and push-pull electronic locks.


D line‘s first lever, the U-shape, Ø14 mm, was manufactured. It was followed by the L-shape, which firmly established the d line ethos of stalwart, minimalist design.


Established in 1921, PC Henderson has long been acknowledged as a world leader in the design and manufacture of sliding and folding door hardware for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

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With hinge technology from SIMONSWERK being so high-quality and aesthetically pleasing in terms of its appearance and workmanship, quality and its design options, it can be used on any heavy-duty and interior doors as if it were tailor-made.

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Innovative solution adding full range self-closing feature as well as soft-closing feature to your sliding/barn doors.

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A balanced door is a kind of swing door mostly used as an exterior entrance door in a public or commercial building. It is different from all kinds of hinge doors as its unique hardware and mechanical design allow itself to bear and efficiently operate a tall and heavy door leaf. The pedestrians can open it easily without much pulling or pushing force, and the door leaf can make a full close by itself.

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ATENA has become The Pride of Every Door since its entry into the market of door control systems. The brand offers a value proposition that is synonymous width the Brand New Singapore attributes for a country that is ‘Actively Collaborating’, ‘Transforming’, ‘Nurturing’, and known for its ‘Daring to Dream’.

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